Thursday, October 18, 2007

Remember that rap song I wrote a while back?

Well, I started on my follow-up. Actually I started in last February and this soon to be .5 mic classic has been collecting dust ever since. I figure since I haven't had much time for original content lately, I would go ahead and throw it out as a work in progress.

Now if I can just track down that Moses guy who can turn tablets into records, I might be able to produce this as a video.

Artist: Topic 15
Title: Da Return of the Burrito Slayer! (Adios Amigo Mix)

The kid is back on the scene with Rome styled infusion
To set the record straight with chrome plated confusion
My I can has rap style’s no joke, unstable volatile like mentos & coke
Cow poke, battle me and see the inevitable conclusion of losin,
then choke while I’ll smack you around and call you Susan
Sarandon, hunky dory glory hole bruisin with reckless abandon

My skills are so tight I’ll even rhyme something with Orange
When it comes to soda pop, it’s always grape or orange
Yeah I used orange twice, so what, my game is that nice
Get a hair cut Bo Bice, Idol wannabe with dreams unborn
Frozen hot pocket, stale microphone rocket fiend forlorn.

Pass the blue raspberry mad dog with bling bling
So I can get gassed up like Weng Weng on Ginseng
Rattle the cipher’s nest and watch my hornet entourage sting
Like a slot machine addiction, an unmistakable bad habit
Wascally wabbit, One armed bandits can’t play 40 hands, jim abbott
You try but just can’t have it.


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