Friday, May 29, 2009

I love it when a plug comes together

Well in a few short days, Hamm-solo and crew embark on the BABE rally.

In true entrepreneurial spirit, he is gonna try and flip that pig in the big easy (translation--sell the van to recoup purchase price and investment).

In a vain attempt to build buzz, I sent the following to Q93, New Orlean's mad crazy hip hop hook up....

What's up Q93 crew!

I just wanted to send a shout out all the way from the nation's capital, (DC in the hizouse! what what!) drop some knowledge on an upcoming event, and see if you might be able to hook a friend up!

So check this out, next week the 2009 BABE rally kicks off.

What's that, you ask?

It's a rally style race from the Big Apple to Big Easy (thus the BABE accronym). The rally runs M-F, starting in Staten Island and ending in the super fine city of New Orleans. It's an event that is open to pretty much anyone regardless of driving skill.

There is, however, one devastatingly twisted stipulation.

The car you field for the rally can cost no more that $500.

Yes, $500.

That's right, not much more that a playstation. It is essentially a Burt Reynolds movie with straight hoopties (Sir Mix Alot would certainly approve in a motor in the back of the honda kind of way).

For safety reasons, it must me registered and insured, but that is about all. So don't be alarmed when on Friday, the city's hooptie population experiences a slight spike. Now you know why.

So now that I have the shout out, and 411 on the event laid out, I wanted to share a small request. I have a good friend participating in the event and he is looking for a loving home for his van once they arrive.

This van is no ordinary creep box on wheels however. It is a rolling tribute to the A-team that has been painstakingly replicated with about 2 hours of work, a couple of cans of spray paint and a case of mexican beer.

It is hott.

Yes hot with 2 t's. And it can be had for a steal, asking price of just under 1 large (not bad for a road worthy vehicle that is bound to attract props with its hella-fine candy paint job). We put a listing on craigslist.

Any chance you could ask you listeners to take a look?

Thank you in advance for you consideration.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things I have not done in a long time...

1) Worked out with 225 pounds (ouch)

2) Written on this blog

3) Bought an actual CD

Mainly thanks to #3 I have something worthwhile to share for #2.

Today I stumbled across an interesting CD which for some unknown reason has flown under my radar for nearly half a year.

I discovered said CD while searching for remixes on youtube and saw that Pete Rock did a Johnny Cash remix and true to the mecca soul brother's standards it was pretty swank. Even more impressive was the remix of Belshazzar by machine drum (see video below).

If you listen closely, you can here hints of a track I nearly forgot about until I stumbled across my case of mixtapes in my parents attic, God Lives Underwater's "From your mouth."

A quick listen and you can't help but think the same producer must be behind both of these tracks. I wonder if they would mash-up well together. Perhaps I will give that a shot this weekend.

Anyhow back to the Johnny Cash Remix album. I bought it at Best Buy before realizing it was also available on I-tunes. That's fine, I actually like having the CD and liner notes to get details on the producers of the album and individual contributors.

The reviews on Itunes are dismal. Nearly 300 ratings, and the average is 1.5 stars. Yikes!

Interestingly, the driving force behind the album was none other than Snoop Dogg (who has a track on the CD) and Johnny Cash's son, John Carter Cash. And while many commenters think the remixes are borderline blasphemy, John Carter Cash has this to say...

"My father made his stead by defying the expected & accepted way of things. He set the standard at the same time. He would have loved this remix record. While it stays true to the original recordings, the cd touches on undiscovered ground. This is what my father was about, staying true to tradition, while creating groundbreaking new music."

Knowing what I know about the man in black and the character I believe he was, I am inclined to agree with this.

I certainly love and respect the original work, but also love that other artists from all different walks of life continue to embrace his work and pay tribute in the form of their own remixes.

The album is no where near without having fault or some questionnable versions, but that is all good and fine. Like most things in life, and the man in black himself, the postive aspects do far more too offset the associated transgressions and the net result is the rare album I am not only proud to own, but actually made the trek to the store to buy.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


For when you want that bum wine look, but not that bum wine feel, reach for FRED, spring water in a bottle that looks like a flask of mad dog or cheap vodka.

I picked some up while on a trip to Dinosaurland to celebrate KG's 30th...