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Too hot for facebook

Facebook status has proven to be the preferred means to sharing my ideas and observations, but this one, might be a little too soon for grandpa topic15 and my employers to share.

Recently there was an incident in a mexican bar.

Imagine that!

Well, to be fair, calling this an incident is kind of like calling Call of Duty a mild distraction.

Some dude, went all martyrdom perk up in a bar. For you non-COD freaks, they chucked a grenade up in there.

My first reaction was, man that is awful.

My second reaction was just plain awful in itself. I thought, hey, someone should make a T-shirt...

Ok, I lied. The T-shirt was my first reaction. Sorry. Sometimes my mind has these really deviant ideas pop in all unexpected like, similar to getting a knock on the door from a Jehova's witness.

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Gestalt Theory in Action

I know my posts are far and few between nowadays, but this was just too damn funny not to share.

Before we begin, a quick refresher on Gestalt Theory...

a configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that it cannot be described merely as a sum of its parts

Or perhaps better phrased as the ability for an individual to see "the big picture" even if some the minor details are missing. It's how we can look a partially obstructed view of something, but still have a pretty good idea of what it is that we are looking it. This is done, generally by using context and common sense to fill in the gaps.

Sometimes it works it works in other funny ways.

Take for example a recent, post spring cleaning email exchange I had with a friend who has a business selling crap you have in your closet/garage/attic.

Said friend is a college buddy and in college, some would say I had a bit of a thuggish image, which was all a ruse and nothing more that my youthful rebellion. In the 50's the youth rebelled by dressing up like greasers, drove hot rods and listening to rock and roll. In my day and age and location, we blasted gangsta rap from our mustang 5.0's and wore oversized Guess and Polo products.

...but back to the present...

[ORIGINAL EMAIL FROM T-15] (* names changed to protect the innocent)

My media collection has been purged and is ready to be Firebird* Resaled.

Odd and unusual does not even begin to cover the items in this lot, everything from the first 3 seasons of the Sopranos to a Bootsy Collins Christmas cd.

90% of the stuff is either a CD, DVD, or Video game and will be really straight forward.

There are a few other items of interest...

Linksys Wireless N router (at least I think it is N, it might be G, it is whatever is supposed to be the better of the box with all supplies).

A random box with an old school NES System and a number of loose NES games, including a Mike-Tysonless version of Punch-out. You can probably Box Lot that. Unfortunately the Wii Virtual Console pretty much killed the market value on most old school NES stuff.

There are also a number of loose Sega Genesis games. The real gem of the Sega Games is Herzog Zwei (it was the predecessor to the Command and Conquer types of games). For a while that was still commanding $19 on ebay. Not sure if that is the case anymore. probably worth selling Herzog on it's own and box lotting the rest. (sidenote: if you happen to have a sega genesis stashed away, we should pull Herzog Zwei and set that aside for a couple of games before selling it, it's no halo, but it's a damn fun game).

There's also a Colt 45 clock which is boxed up and ready to ship. I sold it to some A-hole who never paid up. Fucking hooligan. I guess I should have known better. Scrupulous people generally do not bid on second hand colt 45 clocks.

My old timey kung fu sparring gear is also up for grabs. the retail on that was over $100. I suspect it will sell for $20-$40 as while it was MY equipment, it will NOT impart MY kung fu treachery.

Lastly, we have the wolf puzzle. Which my mom gave me for Christmas last year, and not as a "oh man this would be a really funny gift" kind of present. She seriously thought I would like a wolf puzzle. It's mint. It's sealed. It probably won't sell, so just plan on burning it. Hey, c'mon now, you can't have a business like Firebird* Resale and NOT set fire to crap that doesn't sell.

Ok, so now you know what you are dealing with, what's the best way to get it over to you?

[Firebird's response]
I would expect an interesting lot from you, Mr. T-15*.

The CDs, DVDs, and games are easy. So is the router, NES, and Sega stuff, wolf puzzle, and kung fu gear. Generally, I'll tell you if something is worth selling vs. donating. I am not sure if you itemize your deductions on your taxes, but if you don't, you are missing out of free government money. I donate piles of what I consider worthless to me items to Goodwill every year, and then deduct fair market value (as determined by TurboTax).

I have no idea how to sell a gun legally, but I have a friend who will want to buy it. I can put you in touch with him.

[T-15's Follow-up after realizing what happened]
That's a colt 45 clock. it tells time. has a picture of a can of colt 45 on ice with some cheeky slogan like "it works every time."

Not a colt 45 glock, which is used to bust caps and pistol whipping.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Where are they now?

It is a somewhat little known cinematic fact that one of the extras in crowded stands at the high school basketball game at the end of Teen Wolf went balls out...literally.
Dude had his junk out while they were filming and nobody caught on until the film was already in the can.
As little known as that fact is, even less know where that jabroni is now. While I cannot say with any certainty, I am fairly sure they are in product R & D for Willy Wonka candies. Why do I say that?

Example 1: Willy Wonka Sour Puckerooms Gummies...
Not convinced? Take a closer look...

Yes, that is a gummi purple mushroom. I think we have our answer.