Sunday, January 16, 2011

Karl you are on notice!

The craigslist ad went live 2 minutes ago.

Sadly, the day has come. I'm selling my Slam Man punching bag. If you are searching for a slam man, you probably already know what it is. If not, you can look it up online.

Basically it is a freestanding punching bag (base currently filled with nearly 200 lbs of sand) that features a super creepy teal torso modelled after some kind of robot cyborg human. It has several light-up areas which teaches you how to better target your strikes. Don't be caught unprepared when the robots take over the world. If John Conner had one of these, Terminator would have been 3 minutes long, if that.

It is great for cardio and/or blowing off some steam. It also works exceptionally well for scaring your wife when she goes into the basement.

I tried naming it "Karl" to make it less scary. That didn't help. I then gave Karl my luchador mask. That only made things worse, with her arguing my workouts could be construed as a hate crime. After many months of not paying rent and scaring my wife and my new found desire in buying an I-Pad, it is time for Karl to find a new home.

He is all yours for $150. You can even keep the +/- 200 pounds of sand he had for lunch (weighs him down better than water) so you can beat him like he owes you money, and after you buy him, he will).

You will need a handtruck and large vehicle (Minivan, pick-up, or full size windowless creepy van) if you want to bring Karl home for some good old fashion karate in your garage.

New, these things cost something ridiculous, like $300 or $400. And I am not even sure they even sell them anymore. So no lowballers. Karl is a classy guy.