Thursday, December 27, 2007

Um, so what's up with that creepy baby?

On a recent adventure to Dallas, I decided to read the airline magazine to pass time while enroute. While flipping through the pages I saw the most disturbing image of the blinged out baby and seeing as it is the season of sharing, I wanted to pass that along to each and everyone of you. No need to thank me.

All in all, it was a pretty good haul this year. I need to take some pictures of some of my more interesting gifts, as words won't do them justice.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Monday, December 17, 2007

One superbad bullet dodged...

When the previews for superbad first started to play, I had virtually no interest in seeing the movie. However, as time passed, I began hearing all sorts of positive feedback from reputable and not-so-reputable sources alike. It got enough street cred among enough of my associates that I decided to give the movie a go, but I never had time while it was in the theaters. Recently it was released on DVD and I was so close to making a blind purchase since I had heard so much good stuff about it.

Thank what ever diety you worship I did not. I know I am going to catch flak from some folks, but that movie was straight up lame. It is not that the movie was bad. It just wasn't good. Kind of like a sub from subway. Except that the reasons subs from subway are tolerable is that they are fast, cheap, and healthy. There wasn't much to justify the lack of goodness I have been so eagerly expecting. Thank you netflix, from saving me from that purchase.

My purchase luck ran out there though.

This past weekend I attended a friend's holiday party and wanted to bring along a little bit of the seasonal Sam Adam's joy that is Old Fezziwig's Ale. That is a beer that is so tasty, it makes you want to slap Jim Koch's Mama. The kicker is, the only way to get Ole Fezzi, is to buy the holiday sampler for $16 and that only comes with 2 bottles, in theory.

Why "in theory?"

Well much to my dismay, my sampler only had 1 fezziwig. The other was mysteriously swapped with a scotch ale (which is also delicious, but much more widely available). And one of my cream stouts was switched with a brown ale. It was like a TJ maxx or Marhsall's case of beer, slightly irregular, and should have been clearly labelled and discounted as such. That makes me want to slap Jim Koch.

I sent their website an email, so we'll see where we go with that one.

Also, happy birthday Joshiebear.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Reason # 406 I loves the Internet...

While I am not certain why, I can only assume that the approaching holiday season triggered the memory of a toy I remember seeing as a much younger topic15. A toy I never owned, but wanted to for a long time.

I could not remember its name, but a quick google search on 1980s toys programmable vehicle revealed the one and only Big Trak.

Technically it was a toy of the late 1970's, but its futuristic style wore well into the early 1980's. Essentially it was a thinking man's remote control car.

It did not have an external remote, rather the top of the Big Trak contained a key pad which you could program a series of commands to tell the Big Trak what to do, Go forward 10 steps, turn left, reverse 2 steps, fire the proton cannon 200 times.

As a kid I wanted one of these (or at least I think I did). Now, being older and seeing a video of one in action, I would assume the capabilities did not justify whatever price it was sold at...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Stick to your knitting, Subway

Subway, we need to talk. Your latest efforts are going to confuse consumers. You can not position yourself as purveyor of healthy eats, and support fitness then throw a sandwich called "the feast" on your menu and have Quahog's favorite portly son promote it.

I love Family Guy, but Peter Griffen is not the face of healthly choices.

It's like when cadillac tried to get into the business of selling small cars. Nobody wants a small caddy and nobody goes to subway to pig out on delicious subs, because well, quite frankly there subs taste like shit.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Get ready to learn something new, Part II of II

For those of you who were interested in seeing the Suge Knight Christmas video and click on the link in the previous post.


You just got rick rolled!

Apparently, this has become the latest rage in online practical joking. The premise is as follows, you lure an unsuspecting mark to the site under false pretense of seeing some sort of amazing video or latebreaking news. As soon as the victim arrives at the site, they are bushwhacked, er, greeted by that damn Rick Astley video.

According to the stats on youtube, some 3 million folks have been rick rolled to date, and the number grows daily.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Get ready to learn something new Part I of II

Pandora recently started offering genre based channels and I figured I would explore their holiday channel to stream a little holiday joy through my computer speakers. After considering the different genre's of holiday fare, I opted for the R&B/Pop holiday station.

A few songs into the mix and I swear I heard Nate Dogg rockin the mic, holiday style. I clicked over to check the album and sho'nuff it was him, dropping his cut from Death Row record's Christmas Album, Christmas on the Row.

I kid you not. This album has Snoop rapping about Santa going str8 to tha Geto.

I did not know that such an album existed and chances are, neither did you.

Even less well known, is that there was a music video to go along with it, featuring Suge Knight as santa and that little guy from Friday as his elf.

You can see that video here.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Baggage Handler 1 - Ben's Bag 0

I just returned from a swank, long weekend, birthday trip to Dallas. The trip was great. There was much fun, discovery of a new favorite beverage, Scottish Ale, and enjoyment of a far more temperate climate.

Somewhere between DFW airport and IAD airport, some rogue baggage handler saw it fit to challenge my bag to a no-holds barred, hell in a cell, texas tornado, lumberjack, hardcore wrestling match. The handler won, largely due to the fact that he/she is a mobile sentient being and my bag is well, just a bag.

Normally I would allow, heck, even encourage this very sort of behavior.

Unfortunately, normally I don't cart around several large glass bottles of hot sauce and a bag of sumac.

As one could imagine the combination was take a brick to a gun fight ugly. As we drove from the airport I thought I caught a brief scent of vinegar coming from my bag. Once home, I opened the bag only to reveal a sight so horrifying, it might qualify for Saw 5. I really should have taken a picture as words can not do justice to the mix of broken glass and clothing all bathed in red.


AA baggage staff, ride it.