Friday, September 11, 2009

Greetings from down unda!

G'day mates! The first 24 hours in the land down under did not disappoint, well except for learning that we just missed Ben Folds at the opera house.

We spent the bulk of the first day hoofing it around town in a zombie-like post 14 hour flight jet lag daze. We did get to see a couple of traditionally cool sights, including the harbor bridge, the opera house and the Sydney tower.

We also saw a few things that probably aren't considered cool by most standard, but I found interesting.

Example #1.

These neo-el camino's run rampant on Sydney's streets.

They seem to also have a bit of a fetish for turkish delight. They sell it everywhere. Unfortunately, they like to keep it real, and by keep it real, I mean make it with rosewater, which just doesn't do it for my western palette.

I found a record shop near by which offers classes in scratching. I am trying to schedule a lesson before we head out.

We took a trip to Manly beach, which if I ever come back to Sydney, will plan to stay there (Sydney is cool, but Manly beach is more laid back and has the most terrifically terrible souvenir stores one can imagine...In one shop I saw an infant wifebeater with a picture of soundwave on it for $3).

I'd write more, but we are off to a walking pub tour. Should be interesting! I will write more later.