Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Too hot for facebook

Facebook status has proven to be the preferred means to sharing my ideas and observations, but this one, might be a little too soon for grandpa topic15 and my employers to share.

Recently there was an incident in a mexican bar.

Imagine that!

Well, to be fair, calling this an incident is kind of like calling Call of Duty a mild distraction.

Some dude, went all martyrdom perk up in a bar. For you non-COD freaks, they chucked a grenade up in there.

My first reaction was, man that is awful.

My second reaction was just plain awful in itself. I thought, hey, someone should make a T-shirt...

Ok, I lied. The T-shirt was my first reaction. Sorry. Sometimes my mind has these really deviant ideas pop in all unexpected like, similar to getting a knock on the door from a Jehova's witness.