Tuesday, November 14, 2006

You thought I was joking, didn't you?

These 12+ hour work days are taking their toll on me.

I flew into LA at close to midnight a few days ago (that's like 3 AM local time).

Halfway delusional, rolling in the rental car, I decided if Lady SOV can peddle that crap and pawn it off as rap, why can't I?

So I wrote a little song.

Wanna hear it?

Hear it goes...

Ring the alarm cause the kid’s on the scene
Electrified lyrics like a robot’s wet dream
Ya’naw mean, sizzlean?
Gassed out like a burrito jelly bean

Listen to my lyrical extravaganza
Or I’ll have to donkey punch yo ass like my name is tony danza
Who’s the boss, hoss?
Iced out dookie, cause that’s how I floss.

Grab a map cause you’re lost
at the hand of the panda
and the rhymes that I just tossed
Out the window like an empty can of fanta

Platinum Grape soda, like a used lexus
Riding dirty in the Taurus on my way back from texas
Where I punched a one eyed fat kid in the solar plexus.
Like a leg syndrome my flow is relentlessly restless.

Word up.

Where's MY contract Jova?

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