Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Look, the whole idea of reinventing oneself is only worthwhile if you make yourself relevant again in a good way. I recently read an article in EW on one Fred Durst and his second coming. The one time bad boy face of the hip-hop rock front turned total douche bag after admitting his crush on Britney Spears talked of becoming a recluse (more or less), growing a beard and getting back to his true passion.

Ok sounds good (bonus points for the fancy old school fedora hat and matching Frank Sinatra rat pack suit he was wearing).

Then he got into talking about he big break. Working on Longshots with Ice Cube.

Way cool on face value, but dig even a millimeter and that facade turns to feces. Longshots is a family comedy about a girl who joins the football team as their quarter back. Another installment of Ice Cube's "you got to be F'n kidding me that that is the same guy from NWA" family friendly movies.


Just Lovely.

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