Saturday, December 06, 2008

Some of you thought the birdhouse was a joke...

Well the jokes on you! Cause sho'nuff I did build a birdhouse.

Let me 'splain...

For whatever reason, our townhouse is like the filet mignon of wood, for woodpeckers and a while back, woody bored a quarter-sized hole into the side of our house. That wasn't so bad, but then a squirrel thought, hey that looks alike a nice place to live, a bit small, but you know, with some renovations it might not be so bad. So the squirrel chewed a fist sized hole into the opening and decided to put in a back door for good measure.

My first solution was to temporarily fill the hole with expansion foam. I did. And the squirrel chewed it's way back in. My next solution, was a bit redneck, but acceptable in the short term. I simply hammered a piece of wood over the hole, like boarding up an abandoned squirrel flop house. I figure that would be ok until I had time to fix the problem the right way.

Well that was like a year ago. On my priority of things updating my blog supersedes home repairs, and you see how often I get around to updating this thing nowadays. In the summer, I thought, it's too hot to deal with this. Now we are in winter I am saying, that is the perfect summer project. After downing a big ole cup of piping hot realism, I decided that chances are good that this fix may not happen for quite a while. At the same time, I am really tired of that hillbilly piece of wood hanging on the side of the house. I am sure the neighbors are luvin what it does to our block's property values. Hell, I might as well get a camaro and set it up on blocks out front.

A few weeks ago, ghetto genius struck and I decided on a slightly more elegant solution. Much less redneck, far more rugged outdoorsy...obviously still in the same family, but far distant cousins, sort of like how Unilever owns both Ben & Jerry's and Slimfast.

Readers of topic15, I proudly present the great birdhouse cover up of 2008!


Anonymous said...

That looks absolutely super. Brilliant!

Your Mother

Anonymous said... went with the flow. You saw what out smarting critters did Dan Murray in Candy Shack..not a pretty sight.

your sis

Anonymous said...

Excellent repair....but wasnt that
Bill Akroid in caddyshack???
Your Dad