Friday, November 13, 2009

OBEY The Gambler

In the dream world of topic15, anything is possible and often the outer edge of the envelope of randomness is explored.

I recently had a dream which has haunted me, not necessarily because it was scary, but because it featured an item I would much like to have, yet am fairly certain does not exist.

The context
I was at some podunk blue collar county fair type of event (which I think is a direct effect of a real life trip to York PA for a monstrous train sale). I was browsing the various redneck bric-a-brac and came across an item which can only be described as an unknown, unmet need. And decided to purchase it on the spot.

The item
The object of my desire was none other than an urban camo hooded sweatshirt which had an iconic image of Kenny Rogers stenciled on the front (similar to Shepard Fairey's Obey the Giant work). My desire for this item did not erode when I woke up. It has only intensified. Partially cause it is cool and largely because it does not exists (which of course makes me want it even more).

The resolution
While there are some interesting proxies, the only way to truly replicate the one from my dream is going to be to make it. I've already started on an image to use to cut the stencil (shown above), now I simply need to find the right color of urban camo hooded sweatshirt to bring this idea to life. After a quick google search, I think I may need to opt for sky camo (see #4) rather than urban camo as that is a closer match to the one in my dream.

We'll see how it goes.

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