Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Get ur Gleek on

A snap decision at last friday's hockey game resulted in the topic for today's post, gleeking.

gleek v. squirting liquid (including saliva) through the teeth or from under the tongue; less commonly, squirting saliva directly from the saliva glands or expelling liquid through the sinuses.

Actually, I think the inspiraction stemmed from how I accidently gleeked all over the bald man sitting in front of me, then laughed about it with Senor Rob then remarked that I would, in fact, post about it.

I tried to find some interesting material, pictures or perhaps even a guide online, but alas, there is a positive dearth of e-gleeking. I'm not saying there isn't stuff out there, but I expected much more.

Shame on you Internet! You go home and think about what you are missing!

I did, however, find an interesting online dictionary (from where I swiped the def. above). I'll have to peep that mug when I get some free time.

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