Saturday, December 17, 2005

Oh Doo Dads, Where Art thou?

Just so we are all on the same page here, we are talking about a nabisco snack mix.

If you thought otherwise, congrats on being of the dirty old man school of thought, now get your mind out of the gutter.

Apparently, I am not the only one asking this question.

To the uninitiated, Doo Dads may seem nothing more than 2nd rate chex mix, but to those who remain true to the 80s we know otherwise. And while I am not quite sure why, but just recently the mental ghost of this 80s snack mix has reawoken to haunt my mental wanderings.

For example, in my mind it would make for some great drunken craving ravings. Imagine cruising the aisles of food lion asking random employees where they keep their doo dads? Or the cashier who is forced to ask for a price check on doo dads when you accidently scribble out the bar code? In another demented thought, I wondered what would happen if I went to sit on santa's lap as a 30 year old man and asked for some doo dads for christmas? Yeah, even I think that one may cross a line or two.

Sadly, doo dads are nothing more than a fond memory these days after Nabisco pulled the plug on their production. A google search for nabisco doo dads* reveals the awful truth and the corresponding backlash.

Here are some sample responses:

And then there's Doo-Dads. A thousand curses upon the goat-raping bastards at Nabisco for discontinuing Doo-Dads!

DooDads.... man oh man, right now I'd pay 20.00 for a box. Chex mix that they came out with, I cant stand. It works for now. But man, I love eathing doodads with my mom esp. around christmas time. I thing they took a loss of money they could of made from taking it off the shelf.. unless someone knows where to find ANY!!!!!

More interesting is the following picture I found along my search.

Perhaps it explains the mysterious dissappearance. I guess my only hope is ebay.

*If you decide to google search doo dads, I highly recommend turning on the safe search function. Otherwise, chances are you will end up with a bunch of links to somebody's bean bag.


B said...

This is a sad day!! I had a doo dad atack, first one in like 10 years, and spent my entire f@#king lunch hour walking the isles at Safeway looking for them!! When the clerk told me they stopped carrying them cause they didn't sell I hit the roof!! Drove to the Giant down the street and low and behold, no doo dads! Upon arriving back to work (po'ed now) googled for them. They have stopped making them!! For some reason they kept can cheeze but got rid of doo dads!! Hope they go belly up!! I am boycotting Kraft and Nabisco till they come back with the beloved snack!!


Anonymous said...

Anyone know the date doo dads were discontinued?