Monday, October 02, 2006

ROCK ON you old sailor you!

Among other things, this past weekend's adventures included a trip to the renaissance festival.

While waiting in line to buy tickets, I looked over at some guy in the line next to ours. As he approached the ticket booth, he stood on his tippy toes to get a bird's eye view of the ticket wench's cleavage. He then proceeded to give ye olde motorboat to said wench.

Right then, I knew the bar was set high.

Probably a bit too high, cause nothing else came close to topping that in terms of highlights.

A distant second was a 9 year old boy dressed as a viking. He was watching "Human Chess" and was calling out the opposing team, demanding to "KILL HIM! CUT OFF HIS HEAD! ROCK ONNNNNNNN SIR WILLIAM!" He was really into this thing, probably to an unhealthy extent given his age.

Then in a sad reality check of life, an eight year old girl asked him why he was wearing tights. Ouch!

Stay tuned, coming soon, another volley in the war of the office pranks.

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