Sunday, December 03, 2006

That's one hell of a burrito

On my quest to unearth new and exciting ways to prepare tasty burritos, I decided to combine three of my favorite things and wrap them in a flour tortilla shell.

Here's what I did...

Step 1: Prepare a batch of Honey Chipolte Baked Beans. Aw man, these things are wicked good, but take a few hours to make.

Step 2: Prepare a batch of grilled chili-lime chicken tenders. Again, factor in the proper time to marinate and this takes several hours.

Step 3: Open a can of PBR and split evenly between steps 1, 2, and me.

Once everything is cooked, use freshly shredded sharp cheddar, sour cream and Frank's red hot and wrap it up!

I considered then grill the actual burrito, but at that point it was close to 9:30 PM and I really just wanted to eat.

Anyhow it was pretty good.

Was it worth 8+ hours of prep?


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