Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where you at T-15?

I know my blogging has been sparse over the past few weeks, and some of you have been asking? Where's topic15 at?

Is he still mourning the death of hip-hop as seen through the tricky interplay of rap and wrap in Mcdonald's latest commercials?


Even worse.

Look, I know I have different views than your average boo boo bear, but I have been absolutely floored by the fact that some creepy dude who plays with dolls for a living beat out Cas Haley in the America's got Talent competition.

It is a crying shame.

And for that, there has been no posting.

Well that and I have been RE-DIGGITTY-DONK-ULOUSLY busy at work these past few weeks.

So until I find some witty observations, drink too much cough syrup or take some pictures of my home made koolickle experiment, hang tight and enjoy this clip of Cas Haley in action with his band woodbelly.

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