Friday, November 09, 2007

It's like a 40 pack of road rage...

Ok, time to get topic15 back on track and if topic15 is good for anything, it is highly-concentrated acerbic complaining.

Yessirree, no half-steppin, limp-wristed constructive criticism here, but rather, a plethora of restaurant quality hatin'.

Topic of the day? Costco.

Perhaps no other establishment can be the source of such pain and joy at the same time.

As much as I love their products and prices, I can not stand 99.9% of the other members. It is almost as bad as the intersection of the post-Rodney King LA riots and a South Carolina Piggly Wiggly after a devastating 1 inch snow storm is about to hit.

Let's review a sampling of the worst offenders...

The free sample C-blocker
You can find this prick monopolizing the free sample table. While I don't have a problem with repeat samplers, I do have a problem when you block the box and strike up a fake conversation with the worker to hide the fact that you are going to eat 8 pounds of alpine lace swiss cheese. C'mon! Get your sample and get your fat ass out of the way. Other people came to Costco for a free lunch too ya know?

The Absent Minded Carter
This piece of work is virtually impossible to miss, as they seem to have a fever and the only prescription is to slowly wander aimlessly right in front of you only to ditch their cart exactly in the middle of the aisle, at a cockeyed angle, so there is no getting around.

Look, I am not a criminal on the run and you are not a cop who parks their cruiser sideways on the road to block it. But, if you insist, I will play ball and ram right the heck through, I have 12 pounds of red peppers to buy for $5.

The Cardless Member
You typically encounter this person at the two biggest choke points, the entry and checkout. More often female than not, they tend to wait till they get carded at the door to start searching through their duffle-bag sized purse for their membership card, effectively cutting off entry for all subsequent members. 2 hours later, when the line wraps around the door, they realize their card is in their other purse.

Good Grief!

The worst part is that is does not end there. Some actually do manage to find their cards, only to lose them in that freaky purse abyss sometime between entry and checkout, thus requiring the entire process to happen again at check out. Adding insult to injury, they often pay by check as well. It is a good thing the cases of socks and the cases of soap are on opposite sides of the store, cause if not, I think I would be smelling a blanket party cooking.

I can't afford a Baby-sitter, so I just take the kids to Costco
Pretty self-explanatory, these wanks let their kids run loose in Costco like it is some sort of kid nation. Unfortunately without the mistaking of bleach for lemonade. You know that cage where they lock up electronics? Costco needs to start locking up unaccompanied kids there to resell them to Bradgelina or Madonna types.

Honestly,I think Costco is too liberal with their membership. It should be a privilege, not a right, and you should be required to take a test to qualify for membership.

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