Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Social Experiments

I can't recall if I previously mentioned this, although if not I almost certainly should have, but a good friend of mine has this little experiment he runs out west in the foothills of Berkeley.

He drives around looking for people and when he finds just the right person, he points at them and blows a pink whistle and yells "who do you think you are?" And them blows the whistle and points some more.

Well I only brought that back up because I recently came into ownership of my very own pink whistle. The problem is, I can not, for the life of me, carry on the experiment. Not so much due to any moral conflict, but more so, because I can not contain my laughter while doing so.

Hmmm, maybe the cure is to take the whistle to costco.

In other examples of social experiments/absent mindedness, they other day I walked off with someone else's grocery cart and got 2 aisles away before they tracked me down. Now I realize that this resulted from a total mind fart, but it raises a good question and possible extension of the pink whistle experiment. Go into the grocery store, walk off with someones cart, wait for them to find you, they whistle away and run.

Who's with me?

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