Friday, May 16, 2008

It was formerly called "Lumps of Delight"...

Ok, I am going to resist the urge to "go there" with this post and keep it high brow for a Friday.

Lumps of delight is an English reference to Turkish Delight. Ever since seeing the snotty brother request a batch from the ice queen, I have been curious as to what in the heck that marshmallowly looking stuff is.

We I can conclusively say, it ain't marshmallowy, but it is delightful. It is like a giant orange slice dipped in powdered sugar (instead of the knobby granular sugar coating you typically see) and like lucky charms, it is magically delicious.

A second bennie from taking the Lebanese Cooking class was that the class took place in the basement of the Lebanese Taverna/Market and we got to load up on a variety of ethnic groceries, including but not limited to a big ass box of Turkish Delight.

They had a 2nd variety flavored with Rosewater, which is quite popular in parts of Asia and the Middle East. Personally, I will pass. I imagine it would pretty much equate to eating a bowl full of pot-pouri from Grandma's bathroom.

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