Friday, October 17, 2008

Fair is Fair

A few posts back I was on the fence about Everlast's cover of Folsom Prison Blues, and for me it will continue to be one of those continually unresolved questions.

I like the idea.

I like the concept for the video.

I am sure I would have gone totally apey if he dropped that unexpectedly at a concert.

I like that the Cash clan backed the project 100%.

But there is something about the execution (especially in the video) the dances dangerously close to the minature pony territory covered in the previous post.

SO I am still on the fence.

However, I will say to not let that stand in the way of checking out the rest of the album. There are a couple of really interesting tracks. Some seem to approach a very loungey almost Groove Armada style ambient sound. A good example is Ocean.

The cool thing about Everlast is that he is not overly concerned with being wedded to one musical style. He likes to experiment and cross genre lines. His musical career has progressed quite a bit from his House of Pain roots.

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