Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blame Al Gore

Ok, I caught some flack last weekend about not updating my blog.

Being a dude's ski weekend and operating without our moral compasses, I am thankful that flack is all I received as opposed to the potential t-bag or pseudo-sanchez that may or may not be associated with such events.

So in a weak attempt to provide some semi-entertaining material, I will share a few responses to an interesting political discussion that has been volleyed among some of my distance relatives and myself.

The launching point was an email that indicates the owners of SNOPES (which is a source for debunking myths, urban legends, and common internet fallacies) are democrats who are running the site for profit and to advance the liberal agenda.

Here are some responses written in the spirit of good fun...

This news should not be surprising.

After all Snopes resides on the Internet.

And we all know Al Gore invented the Internet, and thus by transitive properties all Internet content defaults to the liberal agenda.

It's simple math.

Plus NOW it's in an email so it is totally true.

Now I've got to go wire my new best friend, Prince Nabujaru in Nigeria $10,000.

Aunt Carol:
Right, your new friend should be told, that Bill Gates is giving us $250, something or another for keeping these emails going.

Gosh, you are totally right.

I was going to tell prince nabujaru that, but I have been distracted today.

You see, I was on my way to fill up my gas tank early this morning, since tomorrow is the Don't buy gas on thursday 3/12 boycott that will result in 99 cents gas next week, but while on my way to the gas station, I passed a car driving with no headlights.

I wanted to alert them, so I flashed my highbeams, which was a BAD idea. Turns out, it was a gang trying to initiate new members and they tried to kill me.

Lucky I am a morning person and I was able to outmanuever them. They crashed into a colony of giant desert camel spiders which proceeded to bite them, rendering them unconscious.

This all happened in the seedy parking lot of a motel in vegas, so naturally, I booked a room, dragged the gang bangers inside and removed their kidneys and left them in an ice bath.

I was able to fetch a solid $20,000 per kidney on the black market.

Now I have my $10,000 to send to prince nabujaru AND fill up my tank!

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