Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hittin Harder the Riddick Bowe...

Oh man, JACKPOT! I found a case of old high school mix tapes in my parents attic this past weekend and have been rocking them out thanks to the CD/tape deck combo in the 'roo.

I might joke with people about having forgot more about old school hip hop than they will ever learn, but after finding some of the tracks in those mix tapes, there might be something too it.

I found monster underground tracks including this one:

Even better is that in proper mixtape style, half the songs on the tapes were dubbed straight off the radio and have Donnie Simpson or Al B D chatting it up at the tail end (that's where the title came from, a quick sign off from Donnie Simpson from 93.9 citing a track hitting harder than Riddick Bowe.)

Gotta love the old school.

Here's another classic brought back to life:

2 Pac -- Keep ya head up (vibe tribe remix)

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