Sunday, February 12, 2006

A guy walks into a talent agent's office...

Aristocrats = aristocrap.

Perhaps the one saving grace is that buried deep within the recesses of the special features is a clip from the amazing Jonathan where he tells one of his favorite jokes. This joke also serves as his litmus test as to whether or not a person is fun to hang out with. If they laugh, they are in the inner circle. If not, he immediately breaks their neck (no not really, he just doesn't think they are as fun to hang out with).

I am pleased to say I am among the fun crowd. I will do my best to recount the joke here...

Two old friends meet up, by chance, after not seeing one another for many years. One friend immediately notices the other has gone through some pretty significant changes. He has a beautiful wife and based on his appearance he is extremely affluent. His head is three times the normal size, perfectly round, and colored orange. The friend's curiosity gets the best so he asks,

Friend1 "Wow you sure have changed what happened?"

Orangey "While travelling in the Congo, I discovered a lamp and decided to rub it for shitz and grins."

Friend1 "Did anything happen?"

Orangey "Believe it or not, a genie came out and granted me 3 wishes."

Friend1 "What did you wish for?"

Orangey "First wish was for a beautiful wife. Second wish was to be rich beyond my wildest dream, then I think I went terribly wrong with the third wish."

Friend1 "Oh yeah, how so?"

Orangey "I wished for a really big round orange head."

I am chuckling even writing that.

Yeah, so sue me, I am easy to please.

Anyhow, speaking of crappy I don't get it humor, I just wrapped up another AV project for your viewing pleasure.

Just for some backstory, my dad is credited with the concept as well as the original execution. One day back in the 80s, he daisy chained 2 vcrs together and manually looped a clip from suddenly. I thought it was equally, if not more, enjoyable than the orange head joke.

So here it is.

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