Tuesday, February 28, 2006

In the news this week...

Sudanese villagers forced a man to marry a goat after he was found having sex with it; the man also was required to pay the goat's owner 15,000 Sudanese dinars as dowry.

This spawned the following email exchange among co-workers...

K: Haha: "Man your wife is a real goat"

B: In case your are wondering (and I know you are), the going rate for a goat wife is about the price of a caps ticket ($65).

J:As a Greek-American I don't find this topic funny at all. Shouldn't we be embracing this kind of diversity? Isn't diversity itself a vritue?

Just because a love is outside of what we consider "normal" doesn't mean it's any less beautiful. It's good to see a village somewhere isnt't tied to social conventions. I think they could even start a nice little tourist trade for men who want to marry goats, or other livestock.

P: The question is how much does a goat wife go for in West Virginia?

J: $4 a pound

B:Much like buying bushels of crabs, price is largely driven by gender.

My guess would be the going rate for a 'Nanny' (female goat) would be a case of PBR while a "Billy" (male goat) would bear a much higher market value, a pair of nascar tickets.

K:Somebody should start up a dating website "goatdater.com"

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