Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A horse of a different name -- Autoweek Volume 2

After offing the stang, I saddled up to a new breed of hoopty, a 1986 dodge colt AKA Tha’ LGC (Little Ghetto Colt). Formerly belonging to an aunt of mine and sold to me for one dollar, this car did to my ego what Yoko Ono did to John Lennon’s career.

While getting exponentially better gas mileage and having air conditioning which actually worked, this car was a tad bit light on the power side. The car would actually slow down when you pressed the horn and if you wanted to drive with AC, the car would labor more intensively that Kathy Lee’s sweat shop.

To remedy things, I tinted the windows. Then I tinted them again. Yes a true geto fashion statement if there ever was one, double tint. Then with the scraps, I cut out a giant wu-tang W and added that on my collage of tint. It was tint-tastic.

The car was charming in its own right. It had the world’s easiest clutch. I am pretty much convinced the shifter and clutch did nothing and were purely for show. I never had to worry about someone trying to steal the car since it was a sock in the gas tank away from being the piece o’ sh!t car Adam Sandler once sang about.

As an added bonus, the carefree attitude towards the car allowed me to experiment with different projects such as the aforementioned tinting and blinging out the wheels with tin foil.

Me and the LGC cut it up for two years and I have no regrets, Well maybe the tinfoil rims.

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