Sunday, May 14, 2006

A sidecar named desire

Went to a wedding this weekend.

Wedding had an open bar.

Fancy one, too.

The kind loaded with bottles of stuff that you don't even recognize.

Thus, I was so inspired to expand my lushicious horizons and order a sidecar.

The barkeep said "Sure thing, what's in a sidecar?"

I replied "I have no clue, you are the bartender, you tell me."

Barkeep says to BarkeepII "Hey barkeepII, what's a sidecar?"

BarkeepII "I have no idea."

Me "Just make something up."

BarkeepI "Like what?"

Me "Let's try vodka and fresh lime juice."

Despite being nowhere close to what a real sidecar is, my drink was pretty decent.

A few minutes later a friend went to the bar and ordered a dirty side car and a new game of screw with the bartender was born.

Over the course of the evening a variety of interesting and non-existing drinks were ordered. These drinks included, but were not limited to...

Curly Mullet

The Fuzzy Ninja

A dirrty (yes dirrty) Shirley Temple

An Arabian Cricket

and perhaps my most favorite...

The Sexy Pickle.

I even came up with a impromptu recipe (Sprite and Midori) to act as if such a thing truly exists.

The Sexy Pickle has the added benefit of being able to ask others important questions such as "Have you seen my sexy pickle?" or "You want taste my sexy pickle?"

I debated also asking for a Gary Busey, but feared receiving a pint of whiskey coupled with a slap and a warrant.

Late in the evening, as the game progressed, I overheard someone order a one-legged hooker. When the bartender asked what kind of drink is that? They replied, who said anything about a drink?

Ok, I made that last part up.

In other news, I had collard greens for dinner.


The Governess said...

a little birdie told me you pee on yr girlfriend. BTW.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

topic15 said...

Possibly spawned by R.Kelly, it's the latest rage, at least according to a recent wedding speech. Nothing says love quite like that. Be careful dealing with little birdies. That's how the lies and avian flu spread.