Monday, July 24, 2006

Watch out! It's getting racial all up in here

Man, as much as I would like to believe we have come a long way since the 50s & 60s in terms of diversity and appreciation for cultural differences, the sad fact of the matter is that we have not.

While things are different than they used to be, they are not necessarily any better. Racism is out and about, but creepin on the DL and I am about to expose it in a true voice of the people style.

Example #1, street signs.

Damn, there are few things as blatantly racists as street signs. What's that you say? You want proof? Well look no futher.

Looking for a book to read?

Looking for a criminal?

Why is it that they put whitey on the sign with someone reading a book and darky on the sign for crime watch?

That's just plain wrong!

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