Thursday, January 04, 2007

Topic15 -- KRS-ONE Connection

Ok, so on the way back from the gym today, I felt my last post comes across as a bit harsh on ole KRS-one.

It is borderline haterade and that's typically not my style.

On the contrary, I rather like his musical creations and furthermore just realized I have my very one 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon type connection with the Blastmaster (AKA KRS-One AKA The teacha AKA KRS ICHIBAN) and it is more than having his We in there/Duck Down cassette single forever stuck in my parents 1984 Blue Pontiac 6000 station wagon.

One of the first friends I made in collage (outside of my roomates) was a jersey girl named Heather D. Heather D. had a high school friend who hooked up with Eric Nies, from MTV's very first and only good season of the real world. Supposedly the kid was a real tool in high school. He then went on to be a famous tool and then a forgotton tool.

One of Eric Nies's roomies was Heather B. Probably remembered by a few hip hop afficionados such as myself for her semi-popular but quite nice track All Glocks down found on her debut album. Her track is not only described as a "Slept on, Boom Bap Classic" (Old School Ran-dee from da bronx, 2005) but was produced by none other than Kenny Parker himself.

Kenny Parker is yet another alias for KRS-One.

So that was only 4 degrees rather than six. Sue me. There are four corners of the globe, four horsemen and connect four. What cool things are there six of?

Yeah I thought so.

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