Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Gonna make this quick since I have been up for the past 18hrs...

First, what kind of message is NBC trying to send with Heroes?

Everyone gets cool powers except the brutha. He gets the magical power to break out of jail. WTF kind of racist shite is that? And his son? The power to rob ATM machines. That's just low. TSK TSK!

Second, guess who I caught a rental car shuttle with at 5:20 AM this morning?

Former WWF mid-carder, Hardcore Bob Holly. I was tempted to have him sign my copy of Wrestlecrap (which I just picked up in Texas), but I thought he might have hit me with a spiked bat or maybe his wife sitting next to him. Hardcore Holly is know to run a little hot, so I decided to play it safe and just gawk.

So, as example of how much an 18hr day takes it's toll, while at the research facility I was forced to consume several cans of diet pepsi to keep from falling asleep. This, in turn, triggered multiple trips to the restrooms. On my second trip, I couldn't help but wonder why the bathroom was so much cleaner and well lit than my first trip. Then I asked myself, where the hell did the urinals go. And then it hit me like a rolled up copy of In Touch magazine. I was standing in the ladies room. Thankfully, I was in full drag, so no one noticed.

Ok that's a lie.

Truth be told no one was there.

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Topic15's Sis said...

I am sooooooo impressed that you recognized the wrestler. I wouldn't have unless they were in tights at the time. Was he? Do they travel in spandex or is that FAA restricted due to flamability?