Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rollin down the street, sippin on prune juice..

Aw man, as if I have not faced enough depressing events in the last few weeks, I happened across this.

For you busta's too lazy to be clicking on links, the article linked above is a review of Death Row Record's special 15th anniversary release.

Sweet 6.2 ounce baby jesus in a blanket, tell me it has not been 15 years since Snoop was rockin the airwaves with his johnson baby powder and cool water cologne.

15 years?

Dizamn! That album is older enough for it's learners permit, which means it is only a few months before it starts asking for the keys to the car and all that mess.

Well, I guess it is not all bad. In fact, the album is quite good.

I recently took a trip to AC and while riding up, I was rocking the 2 cd set, which is quite nice. I joked with my passenger about how fun it would be to roll into the Borgata rockin Compton hats, and heading straight to the roulette wheel to bet on black.

I could picture the chain of events so cleary...

Topic15 & Fu (pronounced few): Chip me up for a hundrizzle, fo rizzle and put all that shizzle all on da blackness my nizzle!

Wheel attendent: Um, what are you asking for?

Fu: Damn professor peckerwood! Are you deaf? He said put a hundred on black, you crackajack Mofo!

Wheel attendent: Are you sure?

Topic15 & Fu: WTF you think (as we point to out compton hats).

Yeah that wouldn't be something.

Although I really don't think the Borgata is down with those types of antics.

The whole point of the trip was to celebrate a friend's last weekend as a bachelor. Me and Fu had some time to kill before the guest of honor and the rest of his entourage arrived.

Five hours to be exact.

That is what happens when you roll with a gypsy, 5 hour delays and such. We hit up the corner likka store, played some games at the arcade, had dinner, and then we decided to rock some black 8 action.

As my second attempt, I concur the findings of my initial efforts. Simply delicious. Unexpected and unnaturally tasty.

It is pretty interesting, as the first time I tried a black 8 was with the honorable Burr, and he felt that the OE was gonna ruin the guinness. Fu, conversely, was deathly affraid that the guinness was going to taint the OE. Both were pleasantly pleased with the outcome. I may have to host a black 8 event to share this joy with the world at some point in time.

All in all, the night was good and we stayed out of trouble.

The only real regret I have is betting $40 on the number 8 in roulette, but c'mon, think about it....

$40 on the number 8, which not only happens to be my favorite number but is also black.


The significance of hitting that number would have been chilling to say the least.

Instead it was some jive weak red number that the greek next to me bet on.


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