Sunday, October 07, 2007

Spreading the love and the hate...

Sorry for the sparse postage lately, thangs been re-diggity-donk-u-lously busy.

In fact I just put in 5.5 hours of work and it is a freaking sunday. Buh!

Regardless there are 2 things which are far too important not to share.

Example #1: VH1 Soul.

Yes I have very mixed reactions about this, but when it comes down to it, this lil' ghetto child of VH1 is pretty much the hotness. If not for no other reason than its showcasing of the documentary, And you don't stop: 30 years of hip hop. One can only hope that this comes out on DVD. I'm not gonna spoil much, but it gives an unprecedented look into this like the genesis of the NWA's F#$% the Police (hint it involves Ice Cube's Suzuki Sidekick bus stops in Compton and a paint ball gun) and the demise of the group (hint it involves scrilla AKA snaps AKA money). Even better are how some of the participants dissect songs such as Nuthin but a G thing and compare it to "some black beach boys shit."


Even better is the fact that they have things like Teddy Riley's Top 10 New Jack Swing countdown, where he confesses that one of his groups, Black Street absolutely hated the song No Diggity when they first heard it. Teddy pushed hard and convinced they to cut the track, but the concession was that he had to sing the hook. Fast foward and it becomes arguably the best (if not only) song the group is known for. This is Don Schlitz/Kenny Rogers all over again.


Now for example #2, which is also awesome, but in a totally nast kind of way.

I came very close to talking my wife into buying this last night. We were at an Exxon gas station and they had a huge bin of 50% off candy and I saw some king size reese cups and got totally geeked.

I then looked closed and saw that they were laced with banana creme.


No wonder that mess didn't sell at full price.

Banana creme, peanut butter and chocolate?

Reeses, go smack yourself. Are you in cahoots with Frito lay? Save that mess for someone else.

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