Monday, December 03, 2007

Baggage Handler 1 - Ben's Bag 0

I just returned from a swank, long weekend, birthday trip to Dallas. The trip was great. There was much fun, discovery of a new favorite beverage, Scottish Ale, and enjoyment of a far more temperate climate.

Somewhere between DFW airport and IAD airport, some rogue baggage handler saw it fit to challenge my bag to a no-holds barred, hell in a cell, texas tornado, lumberjack, hardcore wrestling match. The handler won, largely due to the fact that he/she is a mobile sentient being and my bag is well, just a bag.

Normally I would allow, heck, even encourage this very sort of behavior.

Unfortunately, normally I don't cart around several large glass bottles of hot sauce and a bag of sumac.

As one could imagine the combination was take a brick to a gun fight ugly. As we drove from the airport I thought I caught a brief scent of vinegar coming from my bag. Once home, I opened the bag only to reveal a sight so horrifying, it might qualify for Saw 5. I really should have taken a picture as words can not do justice to the mix of broken glass and clothing all bathed in red.


AA baggage staff, ride it.

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