Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Get ready to learn something new Part I of II

Pandora recently started offering genre based channels and I figured I would explore their holiday channel to stream a little holiday joy through my computer speakers. After considering the different genre's of holiday fare, I opted for the R&B/Pop holiday station.

A few songs into the mix and I swear I heard Nate Dogg rockin the mic, holiday style. I clicked over to check the album and sho'nuff it was him, dropping his cut from Death Row record's Christmas Album, Christmas on the Row.

I kid you not. This album has Snoop rapping about Santa going str8 to tha Geto.

I did not know that such an album existed and chances are, neither did you.

Even less well known, is that there was a music video to go along with it, featuring Suge Knight as santa and that little guy from Friday as his elf.

You can see that video here.

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