Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Reason # 406 I loves the Internet...

While I am not certain why, I can only assume that the approaching holiday season triggered the memory of a toy I remember seeing as a much younger topic15. A toy I never owned, but wanted to for a long time.

I could not remember its name, but a quick google search on 1980s toys programmable vehicle revealed the one and only Big Trak.

Technically it was a toy of the late 1970's, but its futuristic style wore well into the early 1980's. Essentially it was a thinking man's remote control car.

It did not have an external remote, rather the top of the Big Trak contained a key pad which you could program a series of commands to tell the Big Trak what to do, Go forward 10 steps, turn left, reverse 2 steps, fire the proton cannon 200 times.

As a kid I wanted one of these (or at least I think I did). Now, being older and seeing a video of one in action, I would assume the capabilities did not justify whatever price it was sold at...

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