Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Exercise your democratic right!

And vote for the subject matter for my next blog post!

Here are the current choices....
  1. Racism in 2005
  2. Freak-o-nomics vs. The Tipping Point -- a psuedointellectual book review
  3. Never take a fat kid's cheese doodles--stories from Ben's childhood
  4. Fundamental Differences in Chick vs. Dude Logic
  5. What really happened to Michael Jackson
  6. Another installment of topic15's world weekly sun enquirer news
  7. Your mamma jokes...Ah snap! Don't make me go there!
  8. Where are they now?-- Cool stuff and people from days gone by
  9. Hollywood Squares bound--Stars on the fasttrack to nowhere
  10. The energetic capacity of the human body

The polls are open!


Anonymous said...
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The Governess said...

if you write on #4, i'll never read again, I swear to god. the market's already flooded.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Governess. I vote cheese doodles or hollywood squares.

boo yrnes said...

cheese doodles. but if you are accepting write in ballots I vote you list out the most prominent gangs in the movie the warriors and explain to us who would win in a fight and why.(my own personal vote would be the gang of mimes because mimes are scary)

topic15 said...


Satan's Mothers
The Alleycats
The Amsterdam All-Stars
The Baseball Furies
The Black Hands
The Blackjacks
The Big Time Punks
The Big Trains
The Boppers
The Borinquen Blazers
The Boyle Avenue Runners
The Castro Stompers
The Charlemagnes
The Colonial Lords
The Colt 45's
The Coney Island Dominators
The Coney Island Warriors
The Dealers
The Delancey Thrones
The Delancy Rovers
The Dingos
The E Street Shufflers
The Easy Aces
The Electric Eliminators
The Eighth Avenue Apaches
The Fastballs
The Fifth Street Bombers
The Filmores
The Firetasters
The Five Points
The Gerrards
The Gladiators
The Go Hards
The Golden Janissaries
The Gun Hill Dancers
The Gramercy Riffs
The High-Hats
The High Rollers
The Homeboys
The Hoplites
The Howitzers
The Huks
The Hurricanes
The Imps
The Intervale Avenue
The Jackson Street Masai
The Jesters
The Jones Street Boys
The Judas Bunch
The Jupiters
The Knockdowns
The Knuckles
The Lizzies
The Locos
The Magicians
The Meatpackers
The Mongols
The Moonrunners
The Morningside Sporting Seraphs
The Napoleons
The Nickel Steaks
The Nightriders
The Ninth Avenue Razors
The Orphans
The Panzers
The Phillies
The Plainsmen
The Queen's Bridge Mutilators
The Red Hook Shooters
The Roadmasters
The Rogues
The Romans
The Runaways
The Saracens
The Saratogas
The Savage Huns
The Shanghai Sultans
The Southern Cross
The Spahis
The Speedwagons
The Sports
The Stevedores
The Stilletos
The Stonebreakers
The Terriers
The Turks
The Turnbull A.C.
The Vancourtland Rangers
The Whispers
The Xenophons
The Xylophones
The Yo-yo's
The Youngbloods
The Zodiacs
The Zulus

Brad said...

I vote Freakonomics vs. Tipping Point.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Gangs of New York, Five Points is no joke of a neighborhood, my vote is with them.

Weezy said...

You know my slightly uninformed, bandwagon feelings on the Tipping Point...If I had known that everyone would fall for a reductionist theory w/out any data to back it up, I would have written it first and retired early. Stupid hindsight!!!

I vote Jim J. Bullock for the block, please!!!