Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Damn that show is good. It almost makes wednesday as good as friday.

I ain't even gonna half step and pretend I'm not hooked, cause I am. I've been in withdrawal since last week. The summer was even worst. I had delusions about the show. In my mind, they decided to capitalize on the success and spin-off another show about the tail section of the aircraft.

There was a whole different pack of survivors on another part of the island, and the wacked out french chick was the only one who knew. She leveraged this information by pitting each side against the other under the guise that they were the others. In the case "the others" refers to other survivors rather than other inhabitants of the island.

The hatch contained Jeff Goldblum who took a career leap and played a nerdy scientist. Ok I made that last part up just now.

On a side note, I heard the numbers are all retired Yankee Jerseys.


The Governess said...

What if the Fly was on the boat? Awesome.

Cueball said...

I've heard how addictive "Lost" is, but have yet to watch it. I am impressed with "Over There," the war drama, and "Prison Break."