Thursday, September 01, 2005

Das Hip Hop Natione

Would you believe it if I told you that behind the United States, (and for some crazy reason, France) that Germany is the world's third largest hip hop nation?

Oh yes, it's true. One hour of german MTV and a trip on the subway is all the evidence you will need. Man, the graffiti stylings are everywhere and straight out of beat streat or wild style. I was pretty much expecting the german version of Ozone, Turbo, and Special K to jump on the train and start breakin their way down the aisle. No such luck.

As for groups, well a trio know as Fettes Brot was getting heavy rotation on MTV. Literally translated, their name means "Fat Bread." I wonder if something was lost in translation. Who knows. MTV was also peppered with domestic hip hop essentials such as Eminem and Wu-tang clan.

No good examples of fashion to speak, well unless of course you consider some fantastic Kobe Bryant pants.

Did I buy them? Hmmm, well you'll just have to wait and see. (note1 there is a real earing in the jeans in Kobe's ear)

So thus far, I have briefly painted a picture of the general adoption of the hip hop lifestyle among the german youth. What's missing? Well how about violent crime? Virtually non-existant.

An interesting observation in light of the criticism this form of music often receives. If listening to hip-hop has the ability to corrupt the moral fiber of the youth and produce criminals (or at a minimum, encourage criminal exploits), why then is this result not replicated in Germany?

Is it the disparate population density as compared to the US?

How about the general better standard of living?

Could it be the gummi bears?

Probably because of the McBeir.


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is there a matching pair of pants with a picture of his wife? complete with all her "I'm sorry" bling?