Monday, March 06, 2006

Rap is dead

Case in point Three six mafia was featured on the Oscars last night.

All in the man's plan to coopt true hip hop. First the easter bunny, now this.

For shame.

In other news I had a bowl of Borscht this weekend along with a rather potent russian beer that was supposedly a "stout" but looked like miller light in hue and tasted like leaded gasoline. After my second beer, melady said to slow down, as I was starting to smell like fire.

In a dinner conversation that was interesting and tasteless by many standards, an new idea was born (I think). The concept of a dive bar that caters to women who like women.

This concept emerged largely from a miscommunication and my own warped mind. Someone mentioned the possibility of going to a diVe bar after dinner. Someone else heard going to a dy!e (rhymes with mike) bar after dinner. I said why not both?

Is there such a thing? I imagine there may be such a place and it would be called the rusty softball and would feature a jukebox load with Melissa Etheridge and maybe some Tori Amos.

Anyhow I gotta go work. I suggest you do the same.

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The Governess said...

math told me god was dead tho. also, i was yearbook editor. ask yr girl for proof.