Sunday, March 05, 2006

Supreme Court vs. GCHS Yearbook Staff

The loose theme of this post is going to revolve around senior quotes from the yearbook and is based largely on experiences of this past weekend.

Friday night served as one of those not too frequent enough reunion of your high school boyz occasion. We dined on the finest of Popeye's chicken and the maltiest of malt liquor while discussing the finer points of gangsta rap circa 1990-1994 and then HA-DO-KENing the taste out of each other's mouth in a PS2 sort of sense, by playing Street Fighter 2 on Capcom Classics.

Basically there are 2 key points I want to make here...first the events of the weekend pretty much put me in the "back in the day" mind set required to consider this topic and second, there is a distinct possibility that I will link to a related post to be, tenatively called "P!ss and a biscuit" from Brutha Ed's blog seeing as he writes the thing then shares the link (hence we get another Wicked-esque perspective of the evening's events).

Anyhow melady went out for the night while all of this ruckus occurred, and as Firefighter Matt so eloquently put it "Yeah she doesn't want to stick around for this horsesh!t." And good times ensued.

The following day, melady returned with stories that involved the discussion of evolutionary mathematics. WTF! As if you didn't have enough trouble with Bio and Math on there own. Some sick puppy combined these two subjects into a single pocket protector area of interest. The discussion included a mention of the fact that breakthroughs in the field would make Nietzsche hum with glee like a Llama about to be fed as they suggest, implicitly that God is dead.

This sparked a random memory of some kid from my high school's senior quote "God exists...I can prove it mathematically." I am not even going to comment on that kid's social status in the hell that was high school as that quote speaks for it self. The real pisser is the fact that my quote was repeatedly rejected on grounds of plagiarism and copyright infringement.

WTF (part 2)!!! Prior to my senior year, kids were putting all sorts of random things as quotes and proper citation was never an issue. Things done changed though and I fought tooth and nail to get a quote from a track from Dancehall Reggae don Supercat only to be stifled by "That's not a real name." According to my cassette tape it was. But those stringent yearbook staff power tripping F'rs had no love for me or my quote and as a result I went quoteless....until now.

"No good can come from hate, only cold thoughts and evil actions." --Supercat


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