Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So you are stuck on a desert island...

And only had three cds you could listen to, what would they be?

For me, I would have to say...

Everything but the Girl -- Tempermental
Pure electronic bliss, not too fast, nor too slow. Tracey Thorn's vocals synch up deliciously with Ben Watt's beats. Relatively unknown to the masses minus that one track "Missing--you know the one And I miss the deserts miss the rain." That was originally more of a rock track until Todd Terry remixed it and sent it off into the stratosphere of clubland. Realizing the success of mixing electronica into their music, their following album split out about 50% electronic/50% brit pop. In their next album (Tempermental), EBTG reached full electronic transformation. Very nice and loungey, quite similiar to the genre known as San Francisco house which is characterized by moderate tempo, rich soulful vocals, and deep driving beats.

A Tribe Called Quest -- Midnight Marauders
It simply does not get any better than this. Top drawer production associated with fond memories. I remember riding in the back of a friend's tempo, rocking this album on cassette tape while drinking a 40 of Old English out of a brown paper bag on the way to a club in DC known as The Roxy. It was a reggae venue which, like many DC clubs, evolved into something totally different, Five. For me this album is as much about the memories as it is the content, both of which are incredible. Lyrically, this album is fun but includes social commentary (which is severely lacking in modern rap music). Tracks really cover alot of ground from the moody to the upbeat. For some unknown reason, I would religiously play this album while driving through Richmond on my way to and from college. The music just seemed like such a natural fit with driving through than city at night.

Deee-Lite -- World Clique
Ah yes, big ups to Miss Lady Kier, Dimitri and DJ Towa Tei. Known to most as one hit wonders with "groove is in the heart" and perhaps by a select few as a two hit wonder with "what is love" this groups is most sadly overlooked. For as different as my first two selections are, Deee-lite masterfully bridges the gap. They are, for the most part, an electronic Housey sounding group, but they have a love and appreciation (and respect) for hip-hop as evident by Q-tip's cameo on groove in the heart. Deee-lite released three albums and I have them all and they have some real gems that never got the attention they deserved.

So, if you had to pick three, what would they be?


Anonymous said...

While I like the Midnight Marauders pick, I would pick the following...

"Mental Jewelry" by Live, a great first album by Ed and his buddies from central PA, although their albums went downhill from there.

"Get Your Wings" by Aerosmith. Why was it that Aerosmith was nine times the band when they were doing drugs than when they decided to quit?

My finale would have to be Bob Marley and the Wailers' "Catch a Fire" One of the early records when Bunny and Peter were still around to add to the backup vocals. Songs like 400 Years, Baby We've Got a Date and Kinky Reggae are some of the best.

If you'll permit me to add one more, I'd throw "Sing Loud Sing Proud" by the Dropkick Murphys.


Anonymous said...

All right, sorry, I am asking for a fifth album. Your comments about memories being attached to certain cds reminded me of "Liscensd to Ill" by the Beasties. That CD screams "Riding the back roads of West Chester with friends while skipping school"

boo-yrnes said...

"Joshua Tree" U2. This cd should come standard with all desert islands. I bet if the people on Lost looked through the luggage, they'd find this cd.

"Fear" Toad the Wet Sprocket. One of my most favorite bands. ever. I remember at a WHFS-tival sometime in the 90's, they came on stage after a bunch of alternative bands and their opening line was "I'm sorry we're going to suck" that still makes me laugh.

Rage Against The Machine's self titled album. Most of their follow up cd's just didn't live up to this one. they were popular and hated it so they wrote songs about it. which was a little self indulgent if you ask me. but their first cd is great angry music.

Anonymous said...

is no one else reading this??? we need to know what you are listening to...