Thursday, April 06, 2006

Adventures in iTunes

My latest adventures in downloads and internet exploration have yielded the following booty:

Atlantic by Thrice Featured in the doughnut video linked in my previous post this haunting brit-pop track sounds like it took a bite out of Master P's "Pass me the Green" which took a bite out of the Halloween soundtrack. Mellow and Moody but I like it. I checked out some of their other tracks on I-tunes and was rather shocked that they are a punk group. It pink mohawks and torn ramones shirts are your cup of tee, then check out their punk cover of Send me an Angel. *original version featured in the BMX dance scene from RAD.

From the holy mackeral I've seen it all files comes Matisyahu, a Hasidic Jew who spits reggae chants like it's nobody's business. Check out King without a Crown and Close my eyes just want all you Sublime types would get a kick out of. He was recently feature in the post's sunday source. He's got skillz.

Speaking of reggae, most would consider Ini Kamoze a one hit wonder with his anthem "Here comes the hotstepper." Don't act like you don't know. This track is so commerical it got airplay at disneyland last time I was there. Anyhow, grab his track World a Reggae as an alternative to Damien Marley's "Welcome to Jamrock" they are pretty close to one another.

They were not lying when they grilled ole baldy from american idol for straight jackin Live's cover of Walk the Line. It is a pretty cool remake of the Man in Black's anthem. I think he would enjoy this rendition.

I know it's totally brokeback, but I am hooked on Grey's Anatomy and their money showcasing of songs. If you like music played in over-priced clothing stores with fancy flooring and dude couches, then you might want to give the Greenskeepers a try. Specifically Back in the Wild and You don't know me, which are perfect tracks to play in your loft while sipping moscow mules and discussing 3rd world politics.

In the Keepin it real department peep The Hit Man's Create & Devestate. Heavy samples, hip hop and free on I-tunes (for now). Decent rap compared to most stuff on the radio today. Still kinda sucks though.

Sunday 29th by Bent is another interesting selection. A little chickish but nice. Draws upon some old school Edie Brickell sounds and serve's them up with a taste of Justify my Thug from DangerMouse's Grey Album.

Anyhow just a few things to round out ye olde collection.

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