Friday, April 21, 2006

TSA Tonto and tres fish tacos...

It must be friday with a title like that, woo-haa got ya all in check!

So I have nil in terms of substance to blog about this PM but that's never stopped me before. Here are two things I'd like to share:

I had fish tacos for lunch today and they were fish-licious. Admittedly, I was a bit scarred to try them, but felt that with enough Cholula, anything is edible. Surprisingly they were not half-bad. Just 1/3 bad.

And from the "Oh that can't be good" vault, a snippet from yesterday's experience with the LAX TSA (airport security). The guard was of american indian/professional wrestler heritage. He was as diesal as they come and eyeballed my luggage tag and says to me "Custer.....any relation?" I wisely said "no" and his reply "Good...better not be...and how" Ok I added the "and how."

That is all.

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