Monday, February 05, 2007

I left my Clown in San Francisco

Probably for the best, but among the gifts I was planning to bring home for the future Mrs. T15 was a bag of cheese curls with a disturbing clown on the bag. I found it in the ethnic food isle next to the taco supplies in a market out near Berkley.

While out on the west side, I saw several of the typical touristy things and several non-touristy things. For example, after a trip to twin peaks and en route to the golden gate bridge we drove through the Castro district, well known for its welcoming of"alternate" lifestyles. So welcoming in fact there are restaurants called "the Sausage Factory" and "Squat and Gobble."

No further comment necessary, those pretty much speak for themselves.

We had dinner in a much less flambouyant establishment located back in Berkley called T-rex. It was there that I had my dinner, a death and taxes and a "light" beer.

Death and taxes is good if you like dark, smoky stouts.

"Light" Beer is good if you like your PBR cut with Soda water, cause that is exactly what it is, but for 2 bucks I had to try it.

yes my dinner was 2 beers. I did have a side of fries, but that was only due to the fact that they came with Chipolte ketchup and really who in there right mind can say no to that?

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