Monday, June 26, 2006

Are you for cereal?

I don't have a single coherent topic to write about, so here are a series of blogettes. Think of it as the kid's menu of blogging.

Went to the movies with my nephew this weekend and happened to catch a preview of this. Should I go see it or give $9.25 to a homeless man staple my eyes right now? The result is likely the same.

Speaking of wanting to staple my eyes, I saw 2 minutes of DateMovie this weekend. Like getting a full plate of general Tso's chicken at the mall eatery after trying the free sample, I should have known better.

Speaking of food, I found the ONE person in the ENTIRE world who prefers regular hamburger buns over potato roll hamburger buns. How is that even possible?

Speaking of impossibilities, Dulles received damn near half a foot of rain last night. The deluge was enough to send emergency response teams out with ambulances towing inflatable dinghies (is that how you spell the plural of Dinghy or is it Dinghai?) I saw two such occurences while travelling back from PA yesterday.

Speaking of travelling back from PA, Bud Light should feature Mr. Truck Stop Bathroom Grout Graffeti Artist as there next Real men of Genius. Has anyone else noticed this before? I will have to document and write a post of further susbtance exploring this topic at a later date.

Speaking of later dates, we are are roughly 1 month from the monster summer party. I called about the price of crabs and we are looking good at $90 per bushel. I also fired up the go kart last weekend and it is ready for its nex run in with Johnny Law.

I think that's about it for now.

PS you are not getting those 2 minutes back.


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