Saturday, June 03, 2006

Train wreck of the week, possibly the millenium...

Sweet pappy molassy, where do I even begin with this one?

Have you ever purchased a soundtrack for a movie without actually seeing the movie?

And then feel so guilty about it, that you force yourself to watch the movie, not cause you want to, but out of a sense of obligation?

Well I have. I think I have owned the soundtrack to Sunset Park for the better part of a decade and just saw the movie for the first time today.

If you don't own/haven't heard the soundtrack and like solid hip-hop jams circa mid 90s, then you owe it to yourself to go pick it up. The tracks from Mobb Deep, Onyx and JM are well worth the price of admission, which on amazon starts at just 1 penny for a used disc.

If you haven't seen the movie, and want to poke your eyes out with a hot poker, watch the movie. The basic premise is that Rhea Pearlman (that's Danny Devito's wife) decides to take a sidejob coaching an inner city basketball team to fund her life long dream of buying a stake in her favorite restaurant. The thing is, now get this, she knows NOTHING about basketball.


Yes, it is pretty much as bad as you can imagine it to be. However, the appearances of a few "before they were famous" stars almost controls the stank of the movie to a little turd versus a massive steaming pile of corn seeded crap.

Example 1. Gary Dourdan

Yes, 98% of you are probably asking, who the f$%K is that? He plays Warrick Brown on the good CSI. He plays a dreadlocked gangsta for like 3 minutes in the movie. Just enough to say, hey, isn't that the guy with the gambling problem from CSI?

Example 2. Terrence Howard

Only 93% of you are asking who the f$%k is that? Well, he broke through big time with Crash where he played a movie director who is accused of acting whiter in order to fit in with Hollywood. In a really weird sense of irony he was listed as Terrence DaShon Howard in the credits of Sunset Park but only as Terrence Howard for Crash. I'll leave the discussion up to you.

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