Friday, August 11, 2006

Dang! Do you ever take it off any sweet jumps?

Me ladyfriend's birthday recently passed and as I present I treated her (and me) to a walking tour of DC, but not just any ole walking tour.

Only the craftiest of pimps can go on a walking tour without having to be bothered with the actual walking portion. In true baller style, we took segways.

The first portion of the tour was dedicated to training and instant karma. They say riding a segway is intuitive. "They" also panned the movie E.T.

The first few minutes is like have a few irish car bombs and they riding a skateboard on ice. But you tend to pick it up quick. Except this one old lady, who ran headstrong into a tree.

And me.

After seeing the old bird totally wipe out, I couldn't control my evil thoughts and laughter. I then ran into a fence and broke my fender.


Of course all of this happened in full view of one of the tour guides, who immediately rolled over to check on the segway, (not me). I continued to turn in circles in attempt to hide the broken fender. It worked. Sort of. While he noticed it, I managed to escape without paying the $60 broken fender fee.

Happy birthday baby!

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