Tuesday, August 15, 2006

It's a balls, balls world...

So I am in Denver at the moment, and let me tell you, if you ever wondered what it would be like to be a pinball, you should have been on my flight.

Bumpier that Seal's cheeks and a stewardess call system on the fritz, resulting in random beeping every few seconds, the flight out was not that unlike being a pinball in a pinball machine located in PizzaHut circa 1982.

In other balls news, I read in a magazine that the upcoming video game rendition of Scarface will feature a Balls meature. Yup. Balls meature. The more ballsy, your antics, the more your balls meature fills. When it is ball saturated, you can go all ballistic.

In some anti-balls happenings, Advantage rent-a-car was all out of Sebrings/Stratuses. So what kind of whip did they saddle me up with? The escalade? The 300? The Magnum? Nope. The minivan. Sigh.

Well I better go make some practice runs to the soccer field and applebees.

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