Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's like chaser 2000 for procrastinators...

Who need bother interupt their excessive drinking habit with periodic breaks to chew on pills and drink water?

Not me.

In true, let's burn the bridge when we come to it fashion, I only deal with hangovers far too late to avoid them.

Well not anymore.

Introducing Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief, a product who's tagline (according to a coworker) is "feel better than you deserve to"

Who wouldn't support a product that has the following information listed on its website?

Hangover Cures and Interesting Info
Money down the drain. Productivity losses in the workplace due to hangovers are $148 billion.

Residents from the State of Nevada consume the most beer - 367 bottles a year. Maybe it should be called the "Beer State", not the "Silver State."

Americans are lucky to have Alka-Seltzer® Morning Relief™ as their hangover cure.

Other countries have their own unique hangover cures:
a. In Germany, some folks eat marinated fish to cure hangovers
b. To cure hangovers in Holland, many eat raw baby herring covered in onions
c. Popular hangover cures in Puerto Rico involve rubbing lemons or limes on the underarms

Why America was really discovered.
The pilgrims landed at what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts, rather than continuing sailing because they were running out of supplies, especially alcoholic beverages.

In Bavaria Germany, alcohol is not considered a drink. It is legally defined as a staple food.

Corks or Kegs?
In 1998, the United States population consumed an estimated 549,494 gallons of wine. That's the equivalent of 35,451 kegs of beer.

Light to moderate drinkers (0-3 drinks for men; 0-1 drinks for women), not heavy drinkers account for 87% of alcohol related problems at work. Maybe companies should include Alka-Seltzer® Morning Relief™ as part of their benefits package.

The average man buys 2.2 gallons of beer on Super Bowl Sunday.

The average 30 year old consumes 4.5 drinks at one sitting

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