Friday, September 15, 2006

Butterfly in the sky...

I can go twice as high.

You know, I once gave a guest book review on that show that never aired.

It was part of some stupid essay writing contest they had at my elementary school.

Anyhow when I showed up, I thought I would have the chance to review a book of my choice. I just finished reading Jaws and was reading to talk about the great white terror, when they came in and gave me some dumbass low rent retarded knock off of "Where the wild things are." I was pretty pissed, but figured I would make it work.

When I got on camera I started to give the review, but broke down in the middle claiming they were making me review it under the threat of being beaten.

Lavar Burton was not amused.

He tried to talk down to me, but I called him out that he was a pompous ass clown under delusions of being a star, when in reality, he was nothing more than a poor man's Mr. Rogers. I then kicked him in the shin and was prompted escorted out of the building.

Somewhere in the vaults of public televisions editing room sits that whole disturbing ordeal. Or not, since I totally made it up five minutes ago. There you go... value adding lies.

*The preceeding is a excerpt includes my retort from an ongoing friday none of us really want to work so check this out email discussion.

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