Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Time to revisit my new year's resolution

Like most folks, I fell short of carrying through on my new year's resolution in less than a week.

Considering my resolution was to tell more lies, that is probably not a bad thing.

However, this past weekend, I revisited the idea from an ethical standpoint...Specifically, does the act of telling lies fall into the "bad" bucket 100% of the time?

Obviously if intent is malicious or hurtful, the answer is yes, but what if there were such a thing as a "value adding" lie? Would that be so bad?

For example, after several hours of binge drinking on Friday night I pretty much passed the F out, while my friends were busy continuing the debacle into the wee (read as 4AM) hours of the morning. I knew what I must face the next morning, a stark grilling of what the hell happened to you last night, wussy.

Rather than come clean and admit I was tired and the room was spinning and I just booted my hobo dinner of baked beans and PBR, wouldn't it be soooooo much better to reply with something along the lines of "Aw man, you wouldn't believe this! I just finished using the Men's when some sneaky redneck ninja crept up on me from behind and karate chopped me in the neck, knocking me out stone cold. And I was just getting ready to come down and really get the party started and kick all your candy asses in a chugging contest."

I mean, c'mon. That can't be bad. In fact, I think it is down right good!

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